In Arabic, my name means 


from heartbroken to empowered

When you heal those wounds and learn how to tap into the power source within you ... you can feel safe to fully open your heart again! You feel empowered in your life and in your relationships.

Believe me. Having gone from heartbroken and powerless, to lovable and empowered - you too, never have to repeat a bad relationship with another person or doubt your lovability... ever again!

What is true is that there's an infinite power source within you.

I know firsthand what it's like to falsely believe that your value comes from being beautiful and loved.

Being loved = I'm beautiful.

I'm beautiful = I'm worthy of being loved.

A catch-22 that I couldn't figure out; which left me feeling less than my namesake, and completely unlovable.

I felt as if something was inherently wrong with me, which made me so unlovable. I couldn't trust my instincts. I believed love was so fragile and scarce that if I did one wrong thing, the guy would disappear. Finally, after yet another broken heart, I got serious about transforming my life.

Now, I help support women just like you do the same! I'm all about healing the heartbreak wounds that say you aren't lovable, that you'd be better off alone, and that the best you've ever had is the best you'll ever have. None of that is true!

but that hasn't always been my story...

but that 

hasn't always been my story...

My background is relationships and dating. My focus is empowerment. I overlap where the two intersect.

My ex got married 20-days after he dumped me. It felt like a bad movie but it was my real life.

I remember feeling so disappointed that he didn't fight for us. Seeing him replace me so quickly, as if I meant nothing. Believing love like this will never come around again. Feeling physically ill just imagining him with her. Reapplying my liquid eyeliner over and over because I couldn't stop crying long enough for it to dry. 

I didn't have the luxury of having a conversation with him to get any answers. He was busy playing husband to his new wife. And I was broken hearted, watching him via social media erase every trace of me with her existence. 

From heartbroken to empowered.

I immediately started to see my former coach, who I stopped seeing, once I got into the relationship with my ex. RED FLAG #1: I stopped doing the things that brought me pleasure and supported my personal growth. 

I began to rediscover my identity after having merged my identity with his for so long. I forgot what type of music I liked to listen to because we always listed to his. I forgot what my favorite ice cream flavor was. When we walked down the ice cream aisle together to find a flavor to share, I always went with what he wanted. I rediscovered what I liked to do because I took on all his interests so he would stay interested in me.

I began to look at why I made the decisions I made. I was making decisions out of fear that I wasn't enough. That if I didn't do x, y, and z, he wouldn't love me. I wasn't making decisions for myself, my desires, or my needs. I was making everything about the guy, when really, it was about myself.

After all my formative years of believing men had the power, I finally recognized, I had the power all along. It's just that no one ever taught me it was there or how to use it. Now, I'm obsessed with helping women heal their heartbreak wounds so that they feel safe to open their hearts again, and feel empowered in their lives and relationships!



I don't care if a guy doesn't like me. I'm not afraid of making him mad. I'm immune to heartbreak. If you don't like me,  f**k you. I'm going to leave you before you can leave me. Demanding to see his phone.

I have difficult conversations with my partner. I trust myself to walk away from a partner whose actions don't match their words. I know love isn't enough to sustain a poor relationship.

Is Not...


Let's make magic together


If you're serious about healing your heartbreak wounds and transforming your life, check out my coaching packages to meet and support you exactly where you're at. 

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