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Anna now knows she's worthy of love

“My energy has shifted from Not good enough for anyone to I'm a confidence queen."

Looking back at my journaling before we started working together, there is an entry that says “I just want him back. I don’t care how he was. I don’t care if I settle. I just want him back." Now I’ve learned that we broke up for a reason. I know what the truth is. I know that I am worthy of happiness, acceptance, and love. I'm able to weed out guys easier with my boundaries. I'm able to confidently set and keep my boundaries with any relationship that I have. Not just a romantic relationship but friendships with my girlfriends. Breakups are messy and painful but I now have the tools to recognize and move through the pain quickly.  To anyone who is on the fence about working with Zeina: Please do it. It’s so worth it. She is worth every penny!!

- Anna

cheryl opened her heart, and found love again

“I'm in the most solid, real, open, trusting & safe relationship that I've ever been in."

I was in a turbulent relationship for many years, and wasn’t sure how to let go and move forward down a healthy path. Zeina helped me let go of what I thought was the love of my life and recognize how toxic and crippling that relationship was. Zeina helped me with the following: recognize that pain is normal, allow myself time to grieve, forgive myself, free myself from negative feelings, learn from the relationship, accept that I can't control everything, find my voice, and communicate openly. Zeina helped me pull through the toughest thing in my life. I've grown and changed the way I live and carry out my life with relationships. I feel confident going forward that I have the tools and resources that I need to create a healthy relationship.

- Cheryl

Before our session, I felt completely under valued in my love relationships, almost as if my needs, wants and desires just didn't matter at all and I was extremely frustrated...

When Zeina taught me how to clearly express and honor my boundaries, it was an absolute game changer for me!!! She taught me to stop searching outside of myself for "The One" and instead heal my heart within so that I could essentially become "The One..." 

Now, I'm my life has improved and I'm so much happier because I've learned how to love and honor myself. With each passing day, my relationships are getting healthier and healthier! Plus, I'm learning how
to fall in love myself all over again, which feels absolutely AWESOME!!!

Working with Zeina was incredibly life changing for me and I'm so grateful for our time together, woo-hoo!!!! I was incredibly blown away by our work together and cannot recommend her enough!!! She is AMAZING!!! Her passion for empowering her clients is absolutely infectious and contagious!!!

Let's write your success story next!

“I'm so amazed at how Zeina was able to quickly and clearly identify the cause of my frustrations that had been holding me back for so long from becoming the confident, self assured woman I always wanted to be. "

- Amy

Let's write your success story next!

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